Thank you for stopping by and taking the interest in collaborating with me. There are several ways we can collaborate. I'm always happy to work with others and would love to hear the details of your project and help you anyway I can.

Other ways to collaborate are:

BE A GUEST BLOGGER - A guest post can be great free advertising for you and your blog. Do you have something interesting and helpful to share that fits in with what I do here at LJ Design Studio? If so  I would love to schedule you for a guest post.

GET REVIEWED - If you have a product, service, or blog that is helpful to my readers then send an email to I would love to review it on my blog.

GET FEATURED - If your blog fits in with what I do here  and you would like to be featured then send an email to I would be happy to consider you.
HAVE AN IDEA OR SPECIAL REQUEST - Do you have an idea or request for a tutorial then send an email to I would be happy to consider it for a future post. You will receive full credit.

ADVERTISE ON MY BLOG -There are two ways to be a sponsored here. The first and cheapest way is to trade advertising with me. I would be happy to put your button in my sponsors area if you would do like wise with mine. If you would like to trade advertising then send an email with the code to your button. Buttons should be no bigger then 140 px wide

The second way is to purchase the amount of advertising you would like. For details about paid advertising, please send an email to for details.


If you are interested in sharing a giveaway with my readers or teaming up for a collaboration on a specific project you can email me at hello with more details.


If you are interested in sponsored posts or products reviews feel free to reach out. I am more than happy to share with my readers any product or brand that I absolutely love!

Please note that I take pride in my blog and prefer to stay true to myself and my amazing readers. I look for collaboration projects and sponsorships that are inline with my style and design aesthetic.