Thank you for stopping by my new site! I'm so excited to finally show it to you! Feel free to learn more about me and check out some of my work! Thank you!

THE DETAILS: Marti |  Graphic Designer  |  Location: Kentucky

ABOUT ME: I’m always searching for new things to learn and do. I like finding ways to be a better me. I am a dreamer and do-er. I enjoy creating beautiful things. I’m in love with colors, patterns, and design. My favorite season is Fall so it is fitting that my new site is being reveled now. And I am addicted to almost anythign creative such as design, music, writing and crafts.

I am a graphic designer focusing on web design, branding and style for personal and business needs. I come from a background that inclues web and print media design. I believe in the use of color, patterns, and type to create a unique brand. I want each client to be proud of their brand and show it off with confidence. I love what I do and I'm excited about doing it as career.